About Sparrow Tree Square

SPARROW TREE SQUARE is the name of a short story written by A. A. Milne for his collection, A Gallery of Children. The illustration by Henriette Willebeek le Mair accompanies Milne's story "Sparrow Tree Square" illustrates a bustling park, filled with people walking, talking, and feeding the sparrows beneath the branches of a large tree. I hope that leaners think of Sparrow Tree Square as a place like that shown in le Mair's picture--full of activity and life.

From July 2006 through July 2012, Sparrow Tree Square published online magazines featuring public domain literature and vintage clip art. In August 2013, Sparrow Tree Square relaunched as a line of magazine-style literature readers for learners ages 8-16. Sparrow Tree Square is also the home of free articles for educators and a curated collection of book reviews for children and young adults.

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