Books About Cats

Cats are perhaps one of the most literary species of animals--they feature heavily in folklore, poems, and books, and are also commonly associated with libraries and cozy nights reading by the fire. These books all feature feline characters, with a particular focus on cats in mysterious and magical circumstances.


Jenny's Moonlight Adventure by Esther Averill

Jenny Linsky is a black cat, but she's small and shy and anything but scary. Still, Hallowe'en night is a special night for all black cats, and perhaps this is what fills Jenny with enough courage to undertake a daring plan that will save the Cat Club's Hallowe'en party when their entertainment plans go awry. This book is one in a series featuring Jenny and her Cat Club friends, but new readers will find it just as enchanting as longtime fans will. Recommended for young readers ages 4-8.



Carbonel: The King of Cats by Barbara Sleigh

Carbonel is not just any cat--he's the king of all the cats! But Carbonel was ensnared by a witch's spell when he was just a kitten, and now he can't reclaim his throne until the spell is broken. Luckily a girl named Rosemary and her friend John agree to help Carbonel break the spell so he can return to his rightful place as king of the cats. Fans of the first book will want to pick up its two sequels, The Kingdom of Carbonel and Carbonel and Calidor. Recommended for middle grade readers ages 8-11.



Cats' A.B.C. and Cats' X.Y.Z. by Beverley Nichols

Beverley Nichols is perhaps most famous for his two trilogies and one duo of books that place fictional characters and events in his real homes and gardens. While most of the characters in these books were fictional, Nichols' cats One, Four, Five, Oscar, Anthony, and Trollope were real, and feature in two books of anecdotes and observations that Nichols wrote about his feline companions. The lovely facsimile edition of the first book from Timber Press is, sadly, no longer in print, but the books are worth tracking down for any cat lover. Recommended for young adult readers ages 14+.