Books About Animals at Christmas

We celebrate Christmas by putting up Christmas trees, baking cookies, and singing carols, but how do animals celebrate the festive season? These books imagine how animals, both realistic and fantastically human-like, might mark Christmastime:


The Animals' Merry Christmas by Kathryn Jackson

In this Golden Books reissue, you'll find a myriad of short stories and poems about how various animals make Christmas merry. The collection is filled with vintage charm, particularly in the bright, retro-style illustrations of Richard Scarry, best known for his more stylized work in the Busy Town books. Recommended for young readers ages 4-8.




The Christmas Cat by Efner Tudor Holmes

This sweet picture book is one of just three created by a collaboration between Efner Tudor Holmes and her mother, renowned illustrator Tasha Tudor. The Christmas Cat tells the story of a small grey cat who has no home or family, and is lost in the woods during a Christmas Eve snowstorm. Meanwhile, a young boy who lives nearby worries that Santa Claus won't be able to come in the bad weather. Luckily, a jolly old man knows just how to give both a happy ending. Recommended for young readers ages 4-8.



NoŽl for Jeanne-Marie by FranÁoise

Jeanne-Marie lives with her pet sheep Patapon in the South of France, where Father NoŽl leaves Christmas presents in little wooden shoes. But since Patapon is a sheep, he doesn't have any wooden shoes for Father NoŽl for fill, and he and Jeanne-Marie worry that this means he will receive no presents. But a solution is found, and all is well for both Jeanne-Marie and Patapon come Christmas morning! Recommended for young readers ages 4-8.