Books About Travel

Summer is the season of vacations, and many vacations take us to new and unusual places. Even if your summer plans are keeping you close to home, you can take a literary trip with these travel-themed books:


Adèle and Simon in America by Barbara McClintock

Parisian siblings Adèle and Simon tour famous locations across the United States during the early twentieth century. However, forgetful Simon keeps leaving belongings of his behind at the places they visit! Readers can try to spot Simon's missing things in McClintock's intricate illustrations or just come along for the journey. Recommended for young readers ages 4-8.




Toot and Puddle by Holly Hobbie

Toot and Puddle are best friends, but they like to spend their time in different ways. Toot craves adventure and excitement abroad, while Puddle prefers life at home in Woodcock Pocket. When Toot leaves on a year-long trip around the world, Puddle opts to stay behind, but the two friends keep in touch writing letters that share their experiences with one another. Recommended for young readers ages 4-8.




The Last of the Peterkins by Lucretia P. Hale

The easily-muddled Peterkin family, first introduced in a collection of short stories titled The Peterkin Papers, embarks on an exotic holiday in this second installment of stories. As usual, they get into a few scrapes along the way. The book is in the public domain and available for free from Project Gutenberg, and is included in the New York Review Children's Classics edition of The Peterkin Papers. Recommended for middle grade readers ages 8-11.