Book Reviews

The Sparrow Tree Square Book Review Collection is a curated collection of books that complement Sparrow Tree Square's approach to learning and literature. Sparrow Tree Square's in-depth reviews provide plot synopses, discuss what makes each book special, and if needed offer notes about suitability for sensitive readers. Click on the images below to browse the collection:

Images from left to right: details from First Lesson by Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky, Children's Afternoon at Wargemont by Pierre-Auguste Renoir,
Young Girl Reading by Henri Martin, Interior with Figures by Gwen John.

About Our Age Guidelines

Sparrow Tree Square book reviews are divided into four main age categories: Ages 4+ (picture books), Ages 8+ (middle grade books), Ages 11+ (upper middle grade books), and Ages 14+ (young adult and adult books). Each book review also contains an age recommendation range specific to that book, which may extend a little bit higher or lower than the age range of the main category where we've sorted the book.

Sparrow Tree Square's age recommendations take into consideration three factors: the complexity of the book's language and grammar, the intensity of potentially frightening material, and the degree of interest a particular age group is likely to have in the plot, characters, and themes of the book. However, Sparrow Tree Square cannot guarantee that all of the book reviews in a particular age range will be appropriate for all readers within that range, as each child and teen is different. Please preview any books before sharing them to make sure that they are appropriate for your own situation and meet your own standards.

Purchasing Books from the Collection

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