Books for Readers Ages 8 & Up
The books in this category are appropriate for readers ages 8 & up, and are listed here alphabetically by the author's last name.

  A Bear Called Paddington

Michael Bond

The Children
of Green Knowe

Lucy M. Boston

An Enemy
at Green Knowe

Lucy M. Boston

  Freddy Goes to Florida

Walter R. Brooks

A Little Princess

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

The School Story

by Andrew Clemens

Half Magic

by Edward Eager

Magic by the Lake

by Edward Eager

Knight's Castle

by Edward Eager

The Time Garden

by Edward Eager

Gone-Away Lake

Elizabeth Enright

Then There Were Five

by Elizabeth Enright

  The Alley

by Eleanor Estes

The Tunnel of
Hugsy Goode

by Eleanor Estes

  Pinky Pye

by Eleanor Estes

  The Witch Family

by Eleanor Estes

  Kings and Queens

by Eleanor and Herbert Farjeon

  Earwig and the Witch

by Diana Wynne Jones

The Land of
Green Ginger

by Noel Langley

The Diamond
in the Window

by Jane Langton

The Swing in the Summerhouse

by Jane Langton

The Astonishing Stereoscope

by Jane Langton

  The Fledgling

by Jane Langton

  The Mysterious Circus

by Jane Langton

  The Dragon Tree

by Jane Langton

The Children of
Noisy Village

by Astrid Lindgren

  The Wind on the Moon

by Eric Linklater

The Secret of
the Ruby Ring

by Yvonne MacGrory


by A. A. Milne

  Christmas with Anne

by L. M. Montgomery

  The Snowstorm

by Beryl Netherclift

Bed-Knob and

by Mary Norton

The Best Christmas
Pageant Ever

by Barbara Robinson

  Rootabaga Stories

by Carl Sandburg

  The Rescuers

by Margery Sharp

The King of the Cats

by Barbara Sleigh

  The Wonderful O

by James Thurber