Our Philosophy

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose
by John Singer Sargent, 1886
Sparrow Tree Square's educational philosophy guides all of our resources. We believe that education should be:

Holistic, cultivating the growth of the whole person.

Individualistic, allowing learners to approach topics through their strengths and interests rather than through a rigidly prescribed system.

Natural, part of the rhythm of life, the seasons, and nature.

Imaginative, nurturing learners' creativity.

Beautiful, showcasing what is wonderful and inspiring in the world.

Some of the ways Sparrow Tree Square applies these principles to our resources include:

Focusing on humanities content--art, literature, history, and culture--in our educational enrichment modules.

Creating resources that can be used with a variety of educational approaches and age ranges.

Encouraging the extension of learning into everyday life through the articles and activities in our educational enrichment series and our online educator resources.

Curating reviews of books for young readers that are appropriate and inspiring.