Magic by the Lake
by Edward Eager

Sparrow Tree Square age recommendation: 8-11

When Jane, Mark, Katherine and Martha reach the lakeside cottage where they are to spend the summer, they are looking forward to days of swimming and summer fun. But when they accidently wish for "magic by the lake," the children recieve an entire enchanted lake. With the aid of a disgruntled talking turtle, the children are able to wish for whatever adventures they want. But not all adventures turn out the way they hoped, and some become downright dangerous . . . .

This, Edward Eager's second book about Jane, Mark, Katherine and Martha, has all the hallmarks of fantasy and fun which have endeared his stories to generations of readers. Fans of E. Nesbit's Five Children and It will recognize some similar elements in Magic by the Lake, but Eager's tale takes on its own twists and turns as readers wonder what trouble the four children will get into next. Magic by the Lake is one of the best summer stories for middle-readers, with adventure, humor, and a touch of suspense. Any lover of fantasy and magic should give this book a try.

And if you still want more fantastical summer reading, try some of Eager's other books. Half Magic tells the tale of what happens when Jane, Mark, Katherine and Martha get hold of a magic talisman that grants wishes . . . by the half. Knight's Castle and The Time Garden deal with the magical adventures of Martha's children Roger and Ann and their cousins, Jack and Eliza.

Reviewed by Megan Friel

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