Night Creatures

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Bats, spiders, mice, owls, cats—these creatures are active during the night, and are often associated with the mysterious and the supernatural. This mini-anthology examines night creatures from both scientific and cultural perspectives, highlighting biological facts and traditional connotations. The literary selections and the resources inside invite readers to compare and contrast these two ways of thinking about night creatures.


The bat is dun with wrinkled wings by Emily Dickinson
A spider sewed at night by Emily Dickinson
The Cat and the Moon by W. B. Yeats
The Moon by Robert Louis Stevenson
All But Blind by Walter de la Mare

How the Eyes of Old Mr. Owl Became Fixed
by Thornton W. Burgess

Animal Sleep Patterns
Night Creatures in Culture

Nighttime Listening
Making Creature Silhouettes

Further Reading
Guide to Illustrations