The Sun

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The sun is a constant presence in our lives, but itís also an ever-changing one. Different times of the day and year bring different levels of warmth and light from the sun, and these varying levels create different moods. The poems in this mini-anthology explore the earthís daily journey around the sun, while the stories personify the sun to offer creative explanations for its qualities. The accompanying articles and activities explore the sunís role in myth, culture, and everyday life.


Summer Sun by Robert Louis Stevenson
Sunrise in the Hills of Satsuma by Mary McNeil Fenollosa
Sunset by Paul Laurence Dunbar
An Indian Summer Day on the Prairie by Vachel Lindsay

The North Wind and the Sun by Aesop
How Sun, Moon, and Wind Went Out to Dinner, traditional Indian

The Sun in Mythology

Making Sun Prints
Growing Moss Rose

Further Reading
Guide to Illustrations

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Sun-Loving Flowers