Sweet Treats

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Most of us have a favorite sweet treat, such as birthday cake, ice cream sundaes, or chocolate candy. Many writers show signs of having a sweet tooth as well, and this mini-anthology compiles some literary odes to sweets. Some focus on sweets we're familiar with today, like Christopher Morley's "Animal Crackers and Cocoa," while others like Edgar Guest's "Raisin Pie" sing the praises of more obscure fare. The accompanying articles explore the origins of a curious regional treat and introduce readers to some old-fashioned candies, while the activities provide recipes for two classic sweet indulgences: lemonade and chocolate chip cookies.


The Sugar-Plum Tree by Eugene Field
Raisin Pie by Edgar Guest
Animal Crackers and Cocoa by Christopher Morley
Cherry-Time by Robert Graves

The Taffy-Pull by Johnny Gruelle

Salt Water Taffy
Old-Fashioned Candies

Making Lemonade
Making Chocolate Chip Cookies

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